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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Chinese in Poland?

This is a bit of a random post, but I thought that I would share it nonetheless.

I mentioned before the fact that I've been missing the fact that in a city like Toronto you can get any type of food you might desire. Here in Lodz, not so much. They do however have a Chinese restaurant and since Erin and I were craving some Asian food pretty much since we've set foot in this city, we decided to give it a try.

Normally back home when order Chinese the portions are huge. You can then order a few different things and share each one with the others. The decor in the restaurant seemed authentic so for some reason I assumed that the portion sizes would be as well. As you might be guessing by now, this was not the case.

Liz, Erin and I not very impressed with the portions. "I'm still hungry!" - Liz

I was also very hungry after round #1. But the little bowls are quite cute...

I guess we should have expected it, each portion was only 6 zl ($2). Though small, 3 out of the 5 things we got were quite tasty (and spicy!) and after a few more orders we were quite satisfied.

Though the decor was trying to be authentic, there is just something wrong with having a Rod Steward concert play on the restaurant TVs. Wait, since when do restaurants have TVs? And white Polish men dressed in Chinese traditional clothing serving drinks behind the bar? Oh well, if anything it was a curious site to experience.

So there you go, my experience of Chinese food in Poland. Ten years ago you'd be hard pressed to find any Asian food in Poland, and now there's a Wook just around the corner. Globalization is an interesting thing...


Blogger lonku said...

is that my cardigan on the picture??????? hmmm... I lost mine after the Europe trip....

11:50 AM

Blogger Chris S said...

So the Polish restaurants in Poland are more authentic than the Chinese restaurants in Poland, huh? Go figure... though I've also heard that people who go to Chinese restaurants in China are usually surprised, cause it's not "authentic" North-American Chinese food :)

10:27 AM

Blogger Katie said...

mmm.. now i am hungry. There is chinese in peru too.. but since when is rice and potatoes considered chinese food??


3:19 PM


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